Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Naive Plan That Almost Ruined My Gp

We walked into the cbt hall and took our seat. I looked around me and smiled inwardly. The formation was perfect. This exam was going to be a peanut. It was a sure pass. In fact, we were going to give them an assignment.

One of the CBT moderator in front of me was directing students to their seats and I bowed my head in order not to attract any notice. All of a sudden a shadow fell upon me and I was forced to look up. Oh God! Why now? Why me? There he stood with that irritating smirk he wore around like it was his birthright. I quickly schooled my features to hide my dismay. Maybe he wouldn’t notice my apprehension. No such luck. He may not have noticed it, but he certainly meant to induce it.

“You, to the next system”;pointing his finger to the other roll
“Are you deaf? Pack your things, move to the other roll and pick another system”
“Chai!” I lamented in my mind as I sluggishly gathered my course form, pencil and workings sheet, hoping for divine intervention, a miracle, anything! His countenance brooked no argument. My grade was in jeopardy.

My day had just gone from ‘yay’ to ‘nay’. My feet felt leaden, I could barely lift them up. I looked back regretfully as some random student slid into my seat with relish. Oh! What a waste. All my hard work. My formation had been mapped out with the precision of an army general. I had been separated from my army and now I had to fight the war alone. With every step I took, I rained silent curses on him who had done this to me.

Little did I know that I had done this to myself. I had relied heavily on others in order to lighten my own load. Now that I was left stranded, I was quivering like a leaf blown into the middle of the river and sweating like a Hausa man under the scorching kano sun. My nails went under attack and came out looking worse for the wear. Even the unfortunate cover of my lucky pen couldn’t escape my wrath. Oh, Father Lord! I need a miracle, expo from heaven, anything Lord! I began to cast and bind all the witches and wizards (especially him) who seemed to have declared that I would not pass this exam. Every force that is working against my success (including my village people), die by fire! But even prayer could not help me now. It was too late.


“Okay, you can start start now.” said one of the moderator

My first glance at the question that appeared on my system screen sunk me further into despair. I didn’t even know what I didn’t even know. It seemed like my brain had gone on automatic reset.

“you have 10 minutes more.” my system warned.

I jerked and looked around me. 10 minutes ke? MogbĂ© o! I hadn’t even answer 10 questions out of 70 yet. I hurriedly clicks answers at random.
“you have successfully complete your exam, please silently leave the hall.”
Ah! E gba mi o! Number 25 out of 70. *moku* *mogbe* *modaran*.

Hey, I am finished! 3-credit course! (CHM101 of all courses) I walked out of the hall morosely with tears strolling down my eyes, I couldn’t even respond to the inquiries of my supposed gang who I felt had betrayed me.
I picked up my bag, dusted my trousers and went home to prepare for the next day’s paper.

Moral lesson: Always make hard work and self-reliance your backup plan.


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