Monday, 10 July 2017


Story by Akin Omo Akin

My body is fine and tender, my skin as soft as that of a newly born baby, and lips so sexy that a thousand men  would fall when words escape them.I am that one perfect creation of the sixth day. A spotless and radiant body is worth beholding by all eyes that see. My body is a perfect definition of a mans fantasy, and thats the reason I exhibit my model-like figure. A hundred pictures from an angle, just to have a perfect shot. My love for photos grew to become a bad habit. I love outdoor poses, but the best are taken indoors. My lingerie is adorable, and skin tight enclasp my curves.

More poses attracts more social media pages likes, more comments and attentions all I have ever wanted. I wanted more likes than usual, so i decided to go weirder and bizarre. Pant half worn, G-strings preferably. My boobs are barely clothed, but I love them screaming out loud. Indeed it worked, but I have totally lost my innocence and it sometimes freaks me out. The advances i receive daily are numerous, but I have some that keeps my head up and my eyes stocked to the screen of my phone.

Particularly that of his, Mr Michael, he is my most admired follower on Instagram. I read most of his direct messages and I got overwhelmed by his world of fantasy with his lascivious obscene sayings. A photographer is what he called himself, he has a lot of beautiful and gleaming pictures of ladies that got me thrilled in his profile, professional looking photoshoot on modeling. He invited me over to his place and without hesitation I harkened into every lead that took me to his world.

On getting to his apartment, my expectations were daunted. I was hoping to see picture, portraits or any form of artistry but I didn't. I had the best shot of my life and I thought that was all, unknowingly it was the beginning of my mystery. It all dawned on me after our first sex of seven rounds, although I wasn't surprised, before I left home, I had prepared for the sex but not other things he did to me afterwards. He was dominant and had me submit to his sexual urge, more like him making me a character in his sexual narrative. He inject me with unknown fluids day and night, with my hands tied. I became his sex machine, courting more than 11times daily. At a certain stage he wasn't satisfied with the sex anymore he did a lot of nasty and unspeakable things with me. Days over days, weeks of solicitation, I was lost in time like a spill ashes. I was stripped of humanity "ahh iya je mi" and fordeem to beg for my freedom. My beg and plea fell deaf ears for  they, were all meaningless to him.

At exactly one month, I was injected with this particular fluid, everything went blank I had no experience of what fluid I had been injected with. I woke  up in the middle of no where with absolutely nothing to remember, I saw an envelope before me, and what I found in them were pictures of my nakedness and nasty things I have done with Michael, with an inscription boldly written on one of the photos that says thus

"You're the 44th girl that has gone through this and you're among the 24th lucky survival of this escapades good luck"

I'm only alive today because I didn't lose my breath to this sanity. Life became darkening, depressive, miserable and unworthy to live afterward for I am the architect of my calamity. Don't be like me, learn from my story.


  1. Wow this is so touchy

  2. Wow this is a tragedy but I hope our ladies out there will learn from it and make necessary adjustments.

  3. Wow... Its great keep it up


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