Monday, 3 July 2017


STORY by Heritage

I wished I never met her that night. That was the night I lost my reservation to the naughty me. Things happened really fast that I was not only a victim, but a party.

It all began when I went with friends to a get-together party organised by an association in which they belong. I don't fancy parties so I never wanted to attend but they insisted that I follow them. We got to the venue at exactly 7:49pm. I was obviously a newbie to such events so my friends tried as much as possible to make me comfortable. Can I? I predicted that the night will be a mess and a waste of time, I turned out to be a clairvoyant.

I was in my nervous seat when a young lady walked up to us with a tray of Drinks. I collected mine - I no go carry last. But something was catchy. I thought I was the only one that saw it. Obviously, I wasn't.

Who saw that?

"Me!!!", all of my friends chorused while their gaze never moved from its fixture. We saw a gifted damsel. She's endowed.

I stood up and proceeded to the corner behind the room where my friends were seated. I saw the glancing beauty ahead and I adjusted my ironed but sagged top.

'Hi, I am Yemi. Can I get to know the one that has the power to restrain me from eating here tonight if she so wishes?' I said with a mischievous voice but she never noticed.

She smiled and told me that she's Arike. What a name! I told her that I would like to give her a hand in sharing the drinks. She was reluctant at first but later agreed on the condition that I would be diligent and respectful to guests. I nodded in full affirmation without thinking. Was I in my right senses? I doubt.

That night, I ran helter shelter to attend to famished guests. Some guests are created glutton. I saw that.

'Would you prefer salad on your fried rice?', that was me taking orders. Some wanted stew on it. I was like, 'OK'. I just have to be diligent. Arike wanted me to be.

While this lasted, Arike was somewhere - I didn't know, attending to some other things I guess. I don't just mind. I just want to get her sympathy and care afterwards. I am hardworking, like seriously.

Alas! Arike came out of the hidden, but holding a hand. Whose hand? I can't guess. Maybe her uncles' or brothers', I can't be so sure. My luck began to get 'waterish' when Arike came to thank me for all I have been doing for her for the past hours. She declared that I was lovely and helpful. I felt elated until she introduced the man who has being smiling while she was reciting her complement for me.

"So, Mr Yemi, meet my fiance. He is into buying and selling of fruits. He sells in a wholesale market o. By the way, I haven't introduced myself properly to you. I am an event planner. My service was needed here so I had to come and do what I am job", Arike said and smiled.
I glanced into the air. I had the 'someone should tap me' look. I can't believe my ears. I started feeling pain in my stomach. It was then that I knew I haven't eaten for the past three hours since we got there. I had served my friends more than three times. That night, I was fooled by beauty that belongs to someone else.

Heritage is an author, poet and fiction writer. He is currently a Law student at  University of Ilorin, Ilorin
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