Monday, 3 July 2017



My secondary education was very fast, I had scourge through the jamb brochure, looking for presentable yet an easy course that would fetch good money at the end of my graduation,so I could put a smile on my mother's face and fulfill her dream. University of ilorin seems to be the most familiar of all institution in most of the pages I have opened. I registered for utme and also remedial.

Few months later I got a text that have been offered a provisional admission for the remedial program. It wasn't easy for my mother but she had to let go of me. Few days later I left for the program. Funny enough the place was more of a village. The name itself sounds weirder than anyone could ever imagine (Fufu) somewhere in Ilorin south.

Pre-university life was an awesome experience. There were lot of people from different states both the good,intelligent,decent kids and also smokers,touts and indecent ones. I happened to live with other types of the kids, the gangling,indecent,dull,unintelligent and party freaks. Tunde, my roommate posses even more bad characteristics than the one have listed, he doesn't read, cook , clean up or do anything concerning our room. I have never for once complained tho. on different occasions he'll come to the hostel with his girlfriend and I'd have no other choice than to sleep with our neighbor. Its goes like that sequentially and practically almost every time.

I was very young, the youngest,most of those people in my hostel both the male and female barely have social talks with me because they believed have got little or no experience, I was isolated,secluded and even shattered. But between them, there seemed to be a strong bond. That doesn't change who have been or how each and everyone of them sees me , in fact I answer errands for them. Just maybe if I do so they'd probably hold me along with them but it all went in vain.

Few months later I was already used to the isolation, so there came a time they were to attend a party, the rich boy who was originally invited to the party had gotten a table for 10 ticket and they all waited patiently for the day. On the day of the party they've all dressed up shinning and glittering in fashion, I was outside staring at them like a lost soul, as they set to leave for the party, they counted themselves and discovered that there were 9th of them. The last girl (Tola) that was supposed to perfect their figure had gone home on emergency.
So they came to me and tell me to dress up, that I'd be following them.

I made a beeline into my room happily, brought out my best cloth, I was about to put it on when the cloud changed and everything turned around ? I asked myself why me ? Why would I be a replacement? Why would I be a second choice? Why would I trade my self esteem for ordinary party? Oh no this isn't me , I can't do it, I won't do it, I'm not even going, I concluded.

That was the best decision I could remember that have made so far in the journey of my adulthood, I didn't trade my self esteem and human value over a party. Whatever the case, aspire and work towards being the first choice. You're expensive, don't sell yourself cheap.

Happy new month!!!

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