Monday, 3 July 2017



After a century for fighting corruption, Nigeria finally became the most corrupt-free and straightforward country in the world. The funds were finally put to good use, every single road underwent serious reconstruction. The health care sector was established on a better ground. The budget meant for education graciously used for the establishing more schools in rural areas, renovations were made to the schools already standing, Nigeria can finally give standard education to every child. For education became free. The government schools, that is, while every student who finished from a government institution was entitled to a monthly wage. The traders were given modern complexes to showcase their wares, this was made by the new government to stop the obstruction traffic in major roads, and to prevent environmental pollution.

Nigerian was ranked number two, for the most environmentally conscious country on earth. Eco friendly and beautifully green. There was a law guiding those that litter their surroundings. The defaults were fined. This reduced the rate of environmental pollution to a staggering level. 

Nigeria became bio friendly.

Countries surrounding Nigeria and beyond bought goods from our local farmers, every farmer with the specific requirements was given adequate funds, and the farmers association grew at a staggering rate. Because of this, the hunger reduced, and poverty was never extended to the food sector. Everyone had enough to eat.

Nigeria eliminated poverty.

Every step of the way, fighting corruption, Nigeria and her people faced a lot of challenges. From economic backdrop, to fuel subsidy, to inadequate jobs for the masses and lack of education. But now, Nigeria's naira is equivalent to a dollar, every six months, three thousand job vacancies are made for graduates, and ten thousand for citizens with vocational skills. Fuel circulated to all parts of the country, it was shared equally and fairly. Surprisingly, the citizens stopped patronizing foreign goods, and started to create. They patronize their Aba brothers and bought art from the local artists and art dealers. A new fashion designer emerged from Nigeria. . . He went global, with his new designer jeans and suits. All the countries surrounding Nigeria came to witness this things. Even The world's superpower, America, imported Nigerian goods to their country.

Nigeria became the world's number one supplier of petrol and cocoa.

On the entertainment sector, new artists were born. Legends even. Singers whose song became global, albums went platinum. The writers emerged. Bagging Nobel awards, the actors, destroyed the Academy Award's long tradition and took gulped countless Academy Awards. 

Nigeria's entertainment became global. Yoruba became a global language. 

All these things would never have been possible if our leaders hadn't come together to settle their differences. The long fight of tribalism was long lost. There was a national declaration against any act or form of tribalism, the defaults will be apprehended. 

Nigeria became one. Biafra was never established. Thankfully.

The decade fight against the igbos finally dissolved. They were given amnesty, but not to separate themselves from the rest of us, however, another law was passed to the general public that any person caught discriminating the igbos was taken to court. This act, surprisingly, was effective.

Nigeria underwent a drastic change within a short time, this shocked the world. The rate of people travelling outside the country reduced. Because jobs were provided, and scammers and internet fraudsters were wiped out. Almost to extinction. It was those from neighbouring countries that came to Nigeria, searching for greener pastures. [pun intended].

Nigeria became an Utopia for excellence. The world's third superpower and number four exporter. 


My name is Agwam Kensington. This is my dream for Nigeria. It can only materialize if we all come together, as one, not two, to make our country move forward. It is not a dream, it's a reality I am ready to materialize with my little effort. Change begins with me, and you... If we all have a positive mind towards our great country, our positive thoughts can change everything. I'm a believer in the mind-over-matter theory. I believe our minds have the power to control matter around us. It's the reason why we are having problems here and there; because of the negative thoughts for Nigeria. Let us come together and built a positively charged country. A nation at-one-ment.

Let's make Nigeria great.

Thank you...

(c) Agwam (Zancrow) Kensington,
2017, 19:12PM.

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