Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Story by Akin Omo Akin

A great wall separated the two kingdoms in the ancient times. Firmly rooted in the earth, it stood taller than the highest mountains, sturdy and enigmatic, adorned with rare stones and extensive fortification of inexplicable strategic complexity, which made it very difficult for anyone to get over it. Some say it was built by rich merchants to belittle the wall of Jericho, others say it was planted in the ground by the gods themselves.

The people of Ulum envied those who dwelled on the other side of the wall. The flamboyant artistry and aura resonated by the wall provided hints that their distant neighbors lived in luxury.

There came a period when a very great starvation enwrapped the city of Ulum. The wise king requested that food be stored and shard all in all to maintain the kingdom. The people were uproarious ‒ most wanted to climb over the wall and seek for assistance from their richer neighbors, some were covetous and wanted to cross over and traverse to luxuriousness.

"We should get over the wall and visit the great city on the opposite side of it!" they said.

The king shook his head in dismay, daunted at the loud state of mind and naivety shown by his people. The chief persuaded him to give his people their opportunity of will so as to quell the rowdy. He inadvertently obliged, and the occupants of Ulum held him to his words, giving him zero Chance to advise them or back track. The chiefs advised them to abstain if the climb was too tough and uphill.

The people of Ulum assembled, as able bodied men prepares to climb the compelling wall. The first man attempted to climb, yet fell and died. A similar destiny likewise came upon the second man. Others were dreaded, however their resilience and enthusiasm was solid. For quite a while, week after week, different man climbed and fell. The ladies lost their spouses; kids lost their fathers, men lost their companions. Still, they moved forward and another man embraced his brother and siblings everyday before going for the climb. Expectation was dismayed, hope was daunted, spirits had died, seal was broken, yet Alabi beat the challenge to climbed. He was determined, very little was left in Ulum. His mom cried, his wife begged, his friends pleaded  for him not to go. Too bad, they said their goodbyes, and wished him good fortunes. Alabi climbed the wall with the will of a warrior. It seemed as though he would fall when he lost balance, however he was strong and held on tight.

Hours gone as the people of Ulum happily and frightfully watched Alabi move to the top. He was a hero, a champion, a lord. His triumph chuckle could be heard on both sides of the equator of the earth. Abruptly, his eyes obscured as he gazed down into the opposite side. His face turned pale as everything stopped. His hands shook, tired and afraid. There was no awesome city; there were no rich neighbors, only a heap of dead bodies half covered in the mud. Alabi scowled as it turned out to be clear to him ‒ these individuals, now decaying without end, had likewise must been attempting to get over the wall, to greener fields. They'd thought Ulum were rich neighbors, or an incredible city. They'd similarly thought Ulum had built the magnificent wall. How mistaken, they were. If only they knew,if only the people of Ulum knew. In his melancholy and grief, Alabi fell into the opposite side, and died.

"Years passed, and the people of Ulum still tried to get over the wall. Many died. Nobody knew what Alabi had seen.” Grandpa said as he finished his story. “Never judge a book by its cover

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