She harbours her own pain.
She is under a compulsion for forceful gain.
She enjoys her every moment.
She succumbs to every movement.

Her husband is her saviour.
Her husband creates a flavour;
He gyrates her depression.
He also motivates her digression.

He gives her the sweetness of his bitter.
He molests her like her killer.
He assaults her freedom.
He whips her on random.

She is a forced sex toy.
She gets beaten contrary to her joy.
She regrets her every escape.
She fake her sleep on tape.

Rain of sorrow kept falling.
Her freedom is shunning.
Her slavery days increases.
Her joy of good living is in its pieces.


HERITAGE is an author, poet and fiction writer. He is currently a law student at  University of Ilorin, Ilorin
You can contact him
For more enquiries,
+2349038459386 or

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