Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Story by:- AKIN OMO AKIN

Hunger ate the better portion of me the entire day since I was running errands for my senior sibling who supported me in the college and accommodated me.

As I staggered to the dining, I was disillusioned when I understood that supper wasn't in the table. I  made a beeline back to my room. As I climbed the stairs, my legs couldn't carry me however I figured out the way into my room. I chose to clean up as the sustenance (food) is being  prepared; Lilian, my sibling's wife on the other hand hasn't been an awful cook, I trusted she'll make the pottage yam worthwile. The shower hurried out and sprinkled on my afro-hair, dribbled down my face, then to my back. The temperature of the water ended up plainly hot when it arrived on my legs. Everything worked out perfectly as I was washing endlessly,the stress and worries of the day.

as I was making the most of my shower, I heard foot steps, yet then the foam cleanser had secured and gotten the vital side of my face. I managed to say"who's there?".
Since the entire duplex is occupied by me, my sibling and his sibling wasn't around, along these lines, beside Lilian, there's no other individual with me in that huge house. Who then might would it be? Is it ideal to say that it was Lilian? No! it couldn't be. She'd need nothing to do inside my room, regardless of the possibility that she required or needs me she'd rather call me, she generally does. I was in a draw of considerations, yet I summoned fearlessness to roar once more "who is there?"

No reaction came however the footsteps continued shutting in towards the restroom. I washed off the foam cleanser, tied my towel and bounced out to know who is attempting to invade my privacy.

Lo! And behold, it was Lilian standing right inside my room, covered just with her white towel.

"What's it ma'am, I thought you're preparing supper… " or do you wish to se............nd, I said before she cut me off.

"Tonio, I've instructed you to address me by my name, Lilian" she said coming closer and having her full chest rumbling on mine. She appeared to have showered as well, I could perceive the scent Secrets of Jennifer Lopez, her favourite soap.

"What do you want Lilian?" I said in shock.

"Everything is not been said, do what you should" she said with a voice brimming of full seduction, her laps was continuously bumping on mine and before I could express a word her pink lips found mine. It was a long kiss and her lips possessed a flavor like strawberry.

Having anything to do with my sister-in-law was the exact opposite thing I wanted. My sibling would be disappointed if by chance he discovers. Be as it may, imagine a scenario in which she was putting me to test. Imagine a scenario where my sibling knew about this. Imagine a scenario in which this would later happened to be one of these ladies tricks. Exactly what if?.

I was gulped in a sea of "what if" yet I never thought of the more regrettable thing until it came; and that was "Consider the possibility that my brother gets us on doing this".


As we kissed, I went deep, however she was far away, my manhood has already stood still. We fingered ourselves impractically until she extricated her towel. I beheld her full chest and hip, she'd a spotless shave. Before I could articulate another word from my mouth she pushed me on the quaint bed and we started having sex. We reached climax and was both carried away by pleasure before I sighted my sibling stranding by the entryway with a rifle in his grasp. I needed to bounce off and explain for myself, however the following thing I heard was "gbum". The projectile from the weapon penetrated my trunk.

I opened my eyes just to understand that I was on the feasting seat.i didnt go to the room,i never took shower Lilian scooped yam from the pot and my brother was having his office file recorded in his laptop taking a gander look at me just as if he comprehended what had happened in my dream.

"Old boy dozing off on a chair" he muttered.

"Won't you eat before you rest" Lilian said, smilling at me.

Gracious! It was a dream filled with fantasies Yet, WHAT IF it was real?

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