STORY: by Vechi Allen Vechilz

 I'm alone here come in, she said.
 Being that humble and quiet boy I never wanted to get into trouble all though one mind wanted me to go in,
 so I stared at her for seconds turning to minutes
 then she said again baby come in naah.

 Jesus my brain sparked and I was like "really she called me baby" knowing that she was my crush who is even far far older than me
 after a while I decided to go in,
 i then opened the door, dusted my freaky shoes , and walked inside the house slowly.
 When I went in,
 then we started chatting and "OMG" she was so funny, cracking jokes that could make a baby laugh all day.

 while our conversation was going on, she saw a pimple on my face,
 and she was like "wait wait vechi let me see your face", because of my shyness, i was just blushing staring at her for a while.
 she then said again, do naah before I change my mind.
 I then hurriedly stretched my neck like a Giraffe towards her face,

 when she came closer to me, trying to remove the pimple on my face,
 my junior was already on attention, with style I tried to cover it with my hand .

 Then she moved closer and closer , humble me having that intention that she wanted to help remove my pimple kept calm and did as If I didn't care , although I also had negative thoughts on my mind too.
 on the process of the pimple remover her lips accidentally collided with mine.

 then my head got big and I was like "finally this dream is coming through "
 by then I was already turned on like security lights on the watch.
 then I grabbed her waist kissing her gently, "within me I then planned to take of my nicker ".

 before I could unzip my nicker I heard a horn on the gate "PORM PORM ".
 I almost got mad when she said "oh my God!!!, my dad is back " in fact that statement alone made everything worse knowing quite well that her father was an army general, (omo see suicide mission), at that point in time i tried hiding at her room wardrobe, but unfortunately the wardrobe was too small to contain me, so i tried hiding under the bed, (na that one con worse pass) the bed again couldn't cover me.
 oooh Jesus oooh i am finished!!! (i exclaimed with my hands tied together on my head) as i knelt down with sweat allover my face and my head in a fully air-conditioned room "cabashing in tongues " that if god saves me today, I'll never dream of a blow job or something affiliated to it again in my life.

 while i was on my knees cabashing suddenly I felt this hard slap on my leg with a familiar voice which sounded like slim saying "vechi!! vechi!! wake up you Don late for class " Abeg borrow me your constitution "
 Then I realized it was all dream, Immediately i knelt down and started thanking God for saving my ass from one big tank of trouble


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