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A Lady's Freedom

STORY by Heritage

'my mother's care is the greatest challenges of my life", Tejumola said.

It was a bright Monday morning as everyone was giving different opinion on how bright and scorching the sun was. Some guessed the day's brightness was a sign of rain likely to fall later in the day while others were of the opinion that it meant the day will be a good and fruitful one.

It was however another day of the usual for Teju, as popularly called by friends and relatives. She was kicked out of bed on that fateful day around 4:30am to engage in her daily routines.

Teju is the daughter of Mrs Olagun, who is now a widow. Teju lost her father to an accident at the tender age of nine. She is the second child among three siblings. She is a diligent, brilliant and gentle girl of 16. She is in Senior Secondary School 2(SS 2).

Being the only girl among the three children of the Olaguns, she was been made to overwork. Her siblings are not helping the matter too as they fold their arms and watch their favorites TV shows every now and then.

On that fateful Monday, she did all the stated chores of hers. On her way to the bathroom, she was caught unawares by her mother who landed a sounding electrifying slap to her amazement.

"Where are your manners? Didn't I told you to bring my food?" Mrs Olagun asked.

It now dawned on Teju that she has just being hitted right now because of her slight forgetfulness. She bursted into tears while she made her way to the kitchen to carry her Mother's food.

Teju went to school that day with a clue of sorrow. She didn't concentrate in class. Her moodiness was noticed by her seat-partner, Michael.

Michael can be said to be the only friend of Teju. He is a mischievous guy who hunts girls with his handsomeness and well built body. He has being developing an hidden emotion for Teju since their SS 1 days. He has being diligent enough not to break their friendship by his emotional approach.

Teju, having no other choice, disclosed what happened and has being happening to her. Michael was taken aback trying to comprehend what might have caused such. He had nothing to say than to calm her down and encourage her to think only of the sensation the future breeds if she persevere.

Michael being a sharp guy immediately seized that particular moment to tell Teju how his emotions is shaped. He used all the lovely words he has in him. He kept on teasing Teju with charming words.

"Are you for real? Teju said looking up this time into his widely clueless eyes. Michael nodded in confirmation. He also buttressed his point by bragging to always be available during the hard times of Teju. Teju agreed.

Michael was obviously happy at his newest jackpot. He pulled her closer to lean on him which Teju conveniently did, they are the only one in the class anyways. She had no choice than to have someone to share and count on.

Days passed, their affection persistently increases. Teju feels comfortable and relaxed to the core whenever she was with Michael. They got fond of each other to the extent that Teju is now having a reason to be happy.

"Teju seems to be always depressed" Mama Tobi said. Mama Tobi is a neighbour to the Olaguns. She had witnessed on different occasion the way Teju was being chastised. She can't keep it to herself any longer.

"Teju is my only daughter. I am helping her build a good future with her own children as a disciplined wife and a diligent mother", Mrs Olagun said. This sentences left Mama Tobi speechless but still want to convince Mrs Olagun but was met with a message-conveying look which restricted her and made her kept mute.

Teju was planning to visit her boyfriend when her younger brother, Deji accosted her with a stick. He passed by Teju without greeting her. That is not a new thing. He dramatically turned back to hit her sister with the big stick in his hand. Teju became enraged and hit the boy with great force which brought out tears from the insolent boy's eyes running down his cheek.

Mrs Olagun rushed in at the cries of her baby boy. She instantly guessed of Teju's involvement. She walked towards Teju after collecting the stick from the boy. She forcefully attempted to hit Teju which was logically dodged by Teju. Teju ran out of the house with a very high speed to Michael's house.

Michael, though was expecting her yet surprised by her approach. She narrated another episode of her Mother's care. Michael drew her closer and hugged her. Teju immediately started shedding tears on someone she trusted.

As Michael's parent were not around on that particular day, Michael caught hold of his chance to utilization. He went inside leaving poor Teju brooding over her fate when she returns back home.

Michael came out with a wrapped paper which contains something like powder. Teju asked what she should do with a powder. Michael laughed it off thereby explaining to Teju that it was not a powder but Cocaine.

"What!!! Where did you get it from? For how long has it being with you?" Teju lamented drawing back from Michael.

"Calm down. Do you think you are the only one that has problem with your parent? I get over their insults and chastisement with this. It has being keeping me strong. Try it, you won't have any cause to worry again", Michael explained.

Teju, now confused, kept mute for a while. Suddenly, she opened up and requested for little. She inhaled it and was feeling hot. She wanted to stop but her hand was seized by Michael to show her that he was there for her. After five minutes of inhaling, she lost control of herself. She was out of the planet.

Michael noticed this, he started cuddling and fondling her which triggered her sensation. He kissed her and after fifteen minutes took advantage of her. He had sex with her thereby breaking her virtue. Teju regained her consciousness after three hours, the deed had been done.

Teju was deep in thoughts on her way home. Moving from one depression to another. She lost her virginity because of her mother's claim to care.

After two days, Michael apologised to her and tried convincing her of taking Cocaine to ease her discomfort. Poor Teju agreed. Michael promised to take her to where it was being sold at a cheaper price.

Teju is now getting on her mother's nerve as she now inhales Cocaine at freewill. Her mother kept beating and treating her as she used to.

Teju visited her vendor on a particular day. She had not spent up to ten minutes when National Drug Law Enforcement Agents barged in on them. They were arrested instantly.

Mrs Olagun was shocked, depressed and curious about what had led her daughter into drugs. Everyone in the community blamed her for her daughter's misfortune. Mama Tobi also had the courage to continue to relay her reservations from last time's argument which ensued between her and Mrs Salako.

Teju was taken to a Juvenile home where she would spend three free years because she was still a minor at the time of her arrest. She lived her life writing about the assault committed against female children either by parents and guardians.

She is now out of Prison with children of her own. She had two girls, one boy.

"This was how I grew up with damaging hatred called 'care' by my mother. My mother got it wrong with how she handles a female child. Female children are much more critical and prone to danger than male children. She could have protected me from being disflowered at that tender age of 17, had it been she made me comfortable around her. I got inspired to be an Activist against Female genital abuse to mitigate or destroy the barbaric care in our society", Teju said to her children.

Teju visits her mother's grave once in three months. Teju's foundation for humanity is growing.

Heritage is an author, poet and fiction writer. He is currently studying Law at University of Ilorin.(better by far)
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