Saturday, 20 May 2017

CHILD MARRIAGE :by Adetoun R Kolade

it causes so much pain.
If you agree with no gain.
Many think its just a game.
Wanting nothing but wealth and fame.
It stairs up so much disturbance.
I strongly believe its due to ignorance.
For obtaining wealth it is used as leverage.
Its called child marriage.

Hmm.....what a sad story.
Filled with shame and no glory.
It's like a thief in the night.
Doing only wrong and no right.
A situation filled of heart break.
Weighing what victims has attained.
Ripping victim of their pride.
Its the humiliating child marriage.

We all need to act fast.
If we want this to be a thing of the past.
See what havoc its have wrecked.
Oh child marriage as far as I have read.
You strive so hard to ruin lives.
So ask yourself; will you ever die.
Turning a child into a Savage.
An end must be put into this bandage!!!!!.

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