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Crush:? Prior to this articles means a feeling of infatuation with, or unrequited love of undying attraction towards a person or a specific thing. While both males and females at one time or the other find themselves caught in the Web of this mad attraction, girls generally have more pluralized reasons for developing crushes on a person. Males are generally more attracted to a girl’s physical appearance more than anything else. A guy is most likely attracted to a girl because of her looks… Great smile, big booties, colour, build etc.
However, girls have the most awkward sense of attraction. Aside from the general good taste for funny guys, pretty faced boys, tall dark and handsome guys etc… A girl could develop a crush on a guy for the weirdest reasons. Through my relations with girls overtime I have gotten familiar with the weirdest things that a girl gets attracted to…. They are as follows

This one is very popular in secondary school, there's this connection joining ladies emotions with anything creative. In my secondary school days a friend of mine wrote a letter to a senior , love letter precisely, normally she would have reported the letter but the hand writing was beautiful,and very neat despite the fact that the content was very wack!!. She replied the letter and all she wrote was the fantasies of how beautiful the writing looks.

This is the commonest reason why a girl will crush on guy. practically 90% of ladies love beautiful guys, even though they have little or no chances of ending up with them. A girl will ween repeatedly on how bad she wants that beautiful boy whose appearance looks so enchanting and fascinating, that boy whose nose is pointed, tall and very dark with neat and unique hairstyle, he necessarily doesn't have to be intelligent,smart, creative or funny. As long as he is cute the sisters will crush.

This is very funny. Even miss Unilorin and miss Nigeria will crush on Akpororo(Nigerian most ugly comedian) he isn't cute, he is 500miles away from the that word. Here its not about the appearance or physique its about the money and fame, you necessarily don't have to appear like Arsene Wenger or Lee min ho before ladies crush on you. Girls love to be noticed, it's not their fault it is hereditary and sanity of nature. Wannabe attitude?;most of them got it and it all rhyme and suits their pride. "Fame and popularity they say gets them faster than cuteness or fine face" you know that popular guy??she will find every possible means of sleeping with him or have memory of any sort so she can boast about it amongst her friends.

You know that guy? That wealthy guy whose parent are stinkingly rich, that guy that uses the latest mobile phones, expensive gold chain with expensive ride gets the very best part of ladies. Everyone love beautiful things ladies own is extraordinary, a girl will crush on me because I use iPhone7,because I play instruments, infact she will crush on me because I wear expensive headphone. Girls are attracted to guys who wear some certain accessories. For example, a girl could get attracted to a guy just because the guy wears good wrist watches. Different girls have different tastes though. Some girls love guys who wears chains and some others shoes

this is the weirdest reason why a lady will crush on a guy, girls loses the best part of their emotions in jealousy and thereby loses everything. A lady will crush on a guy because he is known by people, they don't mind if its ideal or not. In fact it may be because her friends are also crushing on same guy. That means you don't have to be Mr intelligent or Mr fine boy if you're a known by few people it's sometimes extends the connection of attractions, they'd still crush.


Beauty wilts, but the intellect lasts if it is cultivated. Intelligence may not be attractive to some women who are easily impresses by a man’s confidence or looks. It will be noticed by women looking for someone who has their strengths in something other than their appearance. Intelligence is one of the very first things some women notice in a guy. So, play the safe side and be smart while talking to a girl. A girl will crush on a guy who play instruments, who sings sweetly or even write. Generally, girls like brilliant guys, but once a guy has a special knowledge of mathematics, it gets divine. It starts from the girls crowding around him whilst he solves maths problems to their delight. I’ll admit it myself, it’s like sorcery when a guy solves those figures effortlessly. Anyway, girls get easily carried away by the sweetness of seeing a guy dissect those maths problem easily and it leads to some physical attraction towards the guy. Wondered why the best math student in your class had lots of girls flocking around him?

One of the points most women point out about a desirable man is to make them laugh. This not only refers to a male’s ability to be funny, but to have a similar mood, which is equivalent to a greater possibility of compatibility. Even more so if they share jokes that only a small group would understand. The ability to make a girl laugh the very first time you meet can create a great impression on her. This is definitely one of the things girls notice in a guy as they want their partners to be fun spending time with. They don’t want a guy that makes their life dull and serious.

Note However that these doesn’t apply to all girls, as some are more emotionally mature than the others. And have in mind that what a girl finds attractive about one person another girl might not. But in the general sense, they are true

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