Saturday, 15 April 2017



     I have never fully engaged my entire soul in a relationship, I never stayed much loyal and commited, almost all the relationship i have affianced has always been a load of burden to the girl involved. I believed I wasn't emotionally matured enough to contend a relationship because most of my primary proficiency on it were exhibit during my tender age,I was a teen, I know little or nothing about vindicating a romantic affair,how could I possibly know something about it when I had the first experience in my jss3 at secondary school.

Life remained what it has always been, nothing changed, rain still falls sun still rises, nature remain the same but people change with time, i changed. my first year in university has an ephemera story of love, for the first time I actually felt something for someone, I told her about it and just like every other girls have dated at first she rejected , she said no, not really because she doesn't like me but because she's not ready for a relationship, I knew that myself,everything was coincidence, she just broke up with her boyfriend, although she didn't tell me, but I could read it in her face that she must have gone through a lot of emotional traumatization. after alot of proofs and persuasion,she finally agreed to date me, I was happy ,because for the first time I'm asking a girl out not because I want to know what she tastes  like but because I love her.

Time went by, I got tired of the relationship because she was too in it far beyond my comprehension,she was inlove with me much more than I desired or wanted in return. It wasn't even love anymore she was so obsessed with me, she worshiped me. I had enormous power over her emotion, I controlled her,I could do whatever I want with her. She would called me every 30minute to ask if have eaten or not, and I would get mad and address her anyhow i pleases. clearly it wasnt normal, sometimes when she do all of these things I wouldn't stop wondering if she was actually the tough girl I used to know, the savage girl that turned me down on our very first encounter , shes fading off my life gradually I wanted to be away from her, miss contacts and ceased being sexually active with her, but whatever I wanted shes seeking the opposite in multiple folds, she's always willing to be around me, she was so into love than I have control over her even more than her Father.  She boosted my ego, everything changed with me , I didn't love her anymore but to her it seem we just started the relationship, she turned into my atm machine, gave me money even when I didn't ask her

Sooner i was out of patience, I couldn't cope anymore, I started feeling irritated on every glance of her sight, I was fatigued ,Tired and frustrated. I started cheating on her with her friends, sometimes she would caught me engaging on some sexual drive with a girl, she wouldn't say anything, she's so inlove with me that whatever I do seems right, I wanted off the relationship but I might kill her if I talked her out of it, I wanted her to see that I'm not worth that kind of love,maybe just then she would walk out of the relationship herself, it was like I will wait till Jesus comes because everyday what she felt for me was multiplying, there was a day I thought I was close to achieving my aim, she caught me with her friend kissing in my hostel,unlike every other day,she confronted me and we got into argument,just like an opportunity for me to finally back out, I said I'm not interested anymore, we should let go and moved on, she went down on my feet , weeping like a lost child, I pitied her and I took back my word, I didn't do that out of love, I did it out of pity.

We are finally going to break up, but that day didn't come,it'd never come,I took my phone this faithful day and I texted her a break up message, it Was late in the night, I explained everything she has been doing , how awkward and unspeakable it is, one way or the other she slipped through the darkness and came into hostel, I was surprised and infuriated, stood on my fit to prevent her for coming in, whatever you want to say can't you wait till tomorrow? I asked angrily. what if something happened to you? What do u want with me? I'm no longer interested, I don't love you anymore, what exactly do you want?

She replied thus

Because I don't want my relationship with you to be like others, I have dated two guys before, It usually my fault and I always have myself to blame I don't want it this way with you  because if I dont make effort to keep us together  it I'll keep passing on from guys to men and to guys all over. I'm doing all of these because I had to, my ex broke up with me because he thought I didn't cared about him, I left him without having a second thought of sorting it out and I'm not willing to  make that mistake anymore that  is why I'm making every effort to protect our relation.........

I didn't allowed her pronounced the final word I kissed her and held her in my grip, she didn't win my heart with only her beauty she won it with her word, it is when you dislike something that it constantly appears irritating to you, when you like it it'd be beautiful, in my eyes, Evelyn was the most beautiful girl have seen that very Day,it was like the beginning of our love, it was like extinction too.

My dear ladies, he his pigheaded and egocentric?he wanted out of your relationship what have you done to keep him? Let the bastard go? Right, anybody can change she changed me with  words, words are like spirit they are powerful, how many guys would you date ? Why do you think you can't change him!! Its your relationship, try exercising little effort before you break it.

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