STORY OF DEFEAT :by Abdulhamid sekere

 Many souls gone.
Silence after all.
Tramples of the horses.
Fading of the voices.

Fought with vigour.
Every single hulk.
With complete bravery.
 Conquered all fears.
During the brawl.

Swords swinging in action.
Blades hungry for blood.
Smiles concealed.
After a defeat.
On the battlefield.

Nigh what are we.
To gain Victory.
Faced the enemies.
With the last drops of blood.
But there was a massacre.
And they won the War.

A battle we have lost.
But the War is still on.
For a flee in the battle.
Does not measure our mettle.

Nimbly intoned by the sage.
Those who fight and run away.
Would live to fight another day.

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