Thursday, 13 April 2017


  I sat quietly on a three seater couch in the living room,watching the popular spongebob cartoon when I heard some weird cough coming from the third bed room, I rushed in there to see what was happening it was my Cousin, he shivers continuously with his teeth's whaling on each other, his eyes were red and his body was like a newly welded pot so hot that I couldn't touch it the second time, his GENOTYPE was "SS" back at it again? Dude, I pitifully asked him. I have stayed just 3 weeks holiday with my uncle and this is the 4th time he'd get sick.I really didn't took it serious and I went back to watching cartoon, few minutes later I stopped hearing sounds from the room, I rushed down to see what went wrong and this time the poor boy would barely open his eyes. I was so terrified, I have is head rested on my laps and I contacted my uncle, he told me to give him a breathing space and that he'd arrive home soon.

  Poor uncle, I bleed and pity for  him even though I didn't want to, why? Because despite how successful he is in his early life, his past hunted him to  pulp, he dragged all of this problem into his life by himself courting a "carrier" of genotype with SS during his tertiary education when he himself is "AS" he got  overwhelmed by the stupid word called love and the love is come to the future hunting him just the way American hunted Osama bin ladin. The mother- his wife Died two years after the baby boy was delivered. After spending half of his early life wealth treating sickle cell now its passed down to his only son. He started nursing the boy in hospital just like he has been doing with his mother till she passed away. How could he be so naive? Well I might sounds wicked but I'm not , he knew the right way but still tended to obliged to wrong part of life, he knew his genotype and also the implications of marrying someone of his type talkless of those below his type.

     I see the fear in the little boy's eyes and he finally said something ? I know I'm putting my dad in lot of unspeakeable ptobl but I don't Even want to get sick, I mean ever get sick again. Tear rolled down the 14yrs old boy eyes and I shut him up,i told him its not his fault. The boy was so brave and brilliant that he even explained what must have made him have such genotype. He looks so frustrated, uttering different kind of thing, he even said HIV would have been better although those two are incurable but when someone with HIV uses their drugs the way it's prescribed they don't suffer pain like him, him who get sicked every week, I'm still going to die,i know, I pray God just make it faster, at this point my mind came back to normal and I came out of cognitive thoughts. I was out of words and I couldn't even impel or convince him. I'm sad to tell y'all that the young dude die two weeks later.

  Love is sweet, best of emotions, most enjoyable pleasure of life but also the most destructive. when it is not properly handled in cases like this he does nothing else than ruining a bright future, condom would have prevented the whole of this miseries that has completely broken his future. Current youth of today don't care about what genotypes or blood group they only use condom to prevent pregnancy. Learn from other stories and don't even try making the same mistake they've made. You wanna go flesh flesh and you ain't afraid of the outcome ? Ask her genotype!!Or better still preclude and obviate yourself from pre-marital sex.
Safe her family and your family
Safe your unborn child
Safe your future.

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