Thursday, 13 April 2017

MY HIJAB,MY PRIDE :by Akin omo Akin

       Certainly he has made this hijab not for me to cover my bemired,besmirched and unclean but chasteness modesty and purity. The society prefers me to be unclad, to dress in almost nudity, to look exactly like the unbelievers wallowing in obliviousness of western world, but with my hijab, I stand completely different, completely out of fordeem appearances He (ALLAH) spoke against in the Holy Qur'an.

With my hijab I could walk around the world blissfully,satisfactorily and delightedly. I have nothing to be scared of but something to be accord on. selectively and uniquely respected,because my hijab doesn't makes me look like one of them. Who dress in the way of Satan, who have their hair exposed to take more than thousands of curses from Angels Every Day. The way I'm addressed is in accordance of probity, well presented and capable enough to win a lost soul.

My Hijab didn't bring respect and rectitude alone, it also uncloak and unmask my stunning beauty. I have been condemn to look horrible in my pride (hijab) I have been beguile too, on how I'll look prettier than queen Elizabeth, if I throw off my Hijab. But I cannot be deceived, not because I followed and still following his path alone but because I value his existence and superiority over all creature of the world (Allah).

The people of my age have said alot to me, tormented my life because I got my pride covered. They wondered how I still have my hijab on during hot weather but they don't know that I'm not like them, when you're used to something it'd get to a stage that it'd not have any effect in your life anymore no matter how well and often you do it. I'm used to my dignity, I'm used to my hijab that I don't even know when it is hot.

My hijab my saviour, my redeemer of evil that lives in the heart of men. You were like a scare crow that affright away all types of evils that men are capable of. While they all married to braids and weavon, wool and artificial hairs just to have the attention of common people of the world, I stick to my hijab to seek a place in the hereafter.
My Hijab my dignity
My hijab my self-esteem
My Hijab my pride


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