Friday, 7 April 2017

My Campus Weird Love Story3 :by Akin omo Akin

  I don't know if talking to her was the right thing to do,I was far away from my soul,I picked her call,the call of that girl whom I'm in love with, what has she got to say? it was a bad night for me, I got overwhelmed because I was so inlove with her,I couldn't do like every other guy, who ask a girl out and stalk the hell off their life till they have the answer they wanted, she didn't say it to me directly but her voice was banging in my head, picturing the state of her emotions while we were having the conversation on the phone. She said I'm liar, I claimed to love her so much in my words the other night but never thought of calling her ever since, she was so pissed off, the other night she called me that I refused to pick up, she wanted to ask me  if I got home safely. All of these wasn't my fault but again she didn't allow me say a word or explain things, she wouldn't allow me tell her the real truth about how afraid I was of what her answer might be,that I couldn't stand getting a NO from her.I wanted to say Good night but she didn't give me the chance, she cut the call on me, I called her back but she didn't picked it up. I'm back at it, what?- blaming myself. I was so stupid, why didn't I call her ? What made me ignored her Calls?.but somehow I was happy? The way her voice was over the phone, the way she talked, tells some part of me that she loves me. 

        The following morning, I called her she still didn't answered the call, like every other day, I saw her in sch again, this time it was so complicated, she was walking a guy to Law Restaurant, we had eye contact and she looked away, I have never been that jealous of anything before in my life, I couldn't even go to where I was heading, I just stood still like cities statues, blinking my eyes like a queried thief, i watched them walk away. My jaw dropped, my mood changed, my eyes where so red But I didn't do anything, what can I possibly do? To the love I ruined from day one? I was so mad at myself, beside that my heart still strongly believed the guy I saw with her was a friend even though he might not be, I know he might not, but I was too afraid to believe the truth and face reality. I couldn't stop thinking how true love turned me completely into a starked moron. 

         However I'm not going to give up. I called her the following night and I asked if we could have dinner together, it didn't went well because she said No she already had a date in the afternoon and she's too tired to go on another in the night.we talked for a while asking about how our day went, I would want to ask her about the guy I saw in the afternoon but I'm sure that will jeopardize the little attention she's giving me. So I do it every night , called her and showed her how much I care and she finally agreed to go out with me. I was so glad that night that I forgot to eat dinner.

     Finally  met again this time I told her everything , about how much I loved her and how I have been scared to answer her calls and all , she didn't say anything she was just laughing. I was confused,I didn't know if what I said was really amusing to have gotten her to laughed at me that much. Suddenly she stopped laughing.I knew she will,it isn't a normal laugh it was even too sardonic to be real. Were you taking me for a fool or just some random girls you fuck with on campus? Do I look like like those bunch's you have been flooring with your lies? Real men don't do that,ask a girl out and the next thing start avoiding her, I'm out of here you pathetic liar!!!. I paid for the ordered food and we parted ways just before I was about getting home I received a message from her,wow she finally called to conclude the blasting over the phone- my thought I opened it and it reads

  what a gentleman you're, I said all of that and u didn't utter a word, quietly you listened to my bullshit? Anyways the feeling is matual in fact it was and has been mutual right the day you sat with me in physics class, you did what I wanted (asking me out) because if you hadn't asked me out I'd have done it and I don't care what the world might say, I love you so much,sleep tight,see you tomorrow.

I was wowed, that was and still the happiest day of my life, sometimes you don't need to act who you're not to win the heart of the one you love, if God wants you both together then the feeling might be mutual like the way mine was since the first day we met, not every girl want your caring-like lies which I called deceits, some of them just want to know the real you and love you for it. 


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