Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Campus Weird Love Story2:by AKIN OMO AKIN

   So because I was really shocked when I got her call I couldn't pick it the first time.so I watched my phone ring till it stopped, i dropped the phone beside me to  reckon on  the call and how damned and disappointed I'd be if she ever say NO to me. I'm not punishing her,I'm punishing myself, drowned in my own grieve and fret because I was so in love with her,while all of these advisements is running through my mind,my phone rings the second time it was the same girl, the same girl I'm in love with, the same girl that changed my life withing couple of days, I was thinking of what to say again when the phone stopped ringing, this time again I have slipped off hearing her out maybe she'd tell me *No or Yes*. I feel like I'm a coward It seriously eaten me up, blaming myself that I'm not even man enough to speak with a girl of my peer group just because I'm in love with her ? I'd want to call her back but I still couldn't so I had no other option than lying on my bed and think it all over trust me all that came into my head is not something very meaningful to face a negative answer from her
    That night I couldn't sleep, I woke up and stumbled upon a text the following morning  it was hers, the girl. I couldn't open it I was too afraid to ? What if she says No would I ever feel like this for anyone again? I doubt it. i dressed up and moved down to the park, it's a long que, oh damn not again this morning (I said to myself) after fighting and haggling  to enter a bus to sch I finally succeeded in our school marcopolo,its overfilled already so I was pressed in one of these corners standing like figure one well I managed to make it comfortable even though it wasn't, we got to school and while I was coming down from the school bus? I saw her coming from the normal campus shuttle park she look at me, i lowered my gaze I couldn't look up , this time I'd be completely dreadful with my thought.
   I was completely shattered and depressed, emotional and fervid.the class that day went so horrible and terrific for me. Not for some other reasons than me thinking about how she must have felt after seeing me coming down from marcopolo, she looks like she's from a rich family but look at me entering a #20 bus, would she be thinking I'm too broke to afford the normal campus shuttle, what would she think of me ? What impression would she have about me  ? Was all in my mind when a close girlfriend  of mine came to me to cheer me up, she must have noticed I'm moody, so we got talking, she succeeded in cheering me up and that makes me feel very better and comfortable she asked me what the problem is but I couldn't tell her ,because I'm running away from reality ,I have seen her with the girl I love before and I strongly believe that they are both friends, what if she's having a crush on me or something? That would be suicidal for me to tell her about being madly in love with her friend so I kept mute and told her its nothing. we stood up from one of these seats in the walkway and headed for the park,on our way i saw her again, like why im i seeing her everywhere? I left that question for my instinct to answer besides my hand was on the other girl shoulder the kind of look she gave me was so off my expectation she said hello to the girl and walk past us, I pretended like nothing happened but deep down I know she was burning inside of her.
         I got home thinking again, felt like cursing myself this time around. Akin youve messed up all of these already two bad impressions in one day? What will she think of me? A gilt? A playboy or a manhoe? Broke ass nigga, oh my God I shouldn't have gone for lecture today, I haven't say the last word when my phone rang out. Oh it was her it was the girl this time I'm so confused and afraid that I couldn't even think straight either to avoid the phone call or face whatever she has to say I picked her call finally and
What did we talk about? You'll find out soon.


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