Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My campus weird Love Story part1: by AKIN OMO AKIN

   Average people around me most especially my friends thinks I'm one hell of a playboy because of so much chumminess and familiarity being shown to me by random girls on campus where as the truthful fact is I'm as lonely as an helpless orphan. I'm just the funny type that people (most especially ladies) get to like on first meeting. My loving part of life is complete definition of abject boringness I have tried my best to get myself off that part of life but its been a complete flop as I always ended up getting *"friendzoned"* by these ladies and at the end of the day we have no serious love relationship in commitment.
      I thought things would remain like that until one of these boring physics class where I stumbled upon this beautiful girl, I was walking down the steps and I saw her sitting alone with no one beside her I look at the empty seat no bag is there as well (seat booking ) I said to myself in low voice ? NO NO she hasn't pick seat for her friend I sat beside her without wasting much time. She's one of the most beautiful creature have seen in that school. She's not very fair in complexion but her skin tonning game is cuter than Ariana grande's, I couldn't lower my gaze, I couldn't concentrate with the class either, I keep staring and gwaping till she noticed my actions. She could sense the lustful look on my face, she would want to utter a word but she wouldn't because even if she does the chances that I wouldn't hear whatever she's says is clearly pellucid. I looked at myself if im really fit in her level. how such a beautiful girl would react to my love confession, that's even if you're confident enough to tell it to her face how much you're gone off for her, I said to myself. Physics class ended and  everyone departed
  At home I couldn't sleep, more like this has never happened to me before I have, never felt like this for anyone in my life but the problem now  is telling her, how much it'd hurt me if she ended up saying NO but again I made up my mind to give it a try,I made it a mission for myself with a task of stopping her anytime we meet again.
  We met the next day and i summoned the little courage i have left. I said hello to her and *"yeeepa"* she snubbed me in as much as I'm hurt I didn't give up , someone who snubbed you on ordinary greeting is the same person you planning on asking out? This time hopefully she won't slap you in the walkway (my thought) I wouldn't give up I said to myself.
  That girl I'm in love with.we meet again this time not in the school but outside campus, before I walked up to her I made practices on how to tell her and what to tell her seriously I couldn't come up with something straight LOVE IS INDEED powerful  I couldn't even stop wondering how me MR AKIN OROPO got short of word  because I was about professing love to someone who I'm truly in love with. I remembered how my Girl-FRIENDS  would laugh anytime I use my cheesy lines on them telling me how have been flooring other girls with such lines but infront the one I love , I forgot everything. I finally walked up to her we greeted and I just couldn't start with these joviality I'm used to
Hey see the thing is I love you so much and have been wanting to tell you since all these while I believe you know me we've met before my name is Akin and I love you and can I have your number ? She collected my phone and typed her number hey I won't give up on you even if you give me Wrong number I'll never give up I flashed her to even see if she the number she gave me was correct and it was ,Then I left. trust me she didn't say a word she was just looking at the way I was acting.ever since we met she has never said a word to me.

  I got home thinking how foolishly i have acted. But again its not my fault , that I couldn't cook up all these lies stories that average guys  tells just to have this girls played and all
Perhaps she might see the true love in my eyes.While I'm having all of these thought my phone rangs. Oh mumsy not tonight again. I look at the phone screen and it was her
Omg was she going to say YES or NO? or blast the hell out of my life? And give me the last warning ? For stalking her
You'll find out soon.

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