MAGIC OF TIME :by Abdulhamid sekere

Eyes like jewels, eyes like diamonds.
Shining so bright, seeing so far.

How time flies, it makes me wonder.
A second, a minute, a prick and it's all gone.

Tick, tick, tick it goes on.
Slow and steady, waits for no one.

A warning, be fast with your thoughts.
Before time takes it all away.

No obstacles comes its way.
It takes along everything in its way.

How time flies, it makes me wonder.
Every second to use, is up to you.

How time brings back the little memories.
The all gone playful childhood.

Shooting star, shining sun and the beautiful moon.
Time passes, they get more beautiful.

There is really magic in time.
It makes one wonder, how time flies.

With time, we saw light after darkness.
When we were born and just helpless.

A world we enjoyed every single moment.
Time came, and took it all away.

Blame time and waste your time.
Every second is precious, never waste your time.

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