Thursday, 20 April 2017


Story by Akin Omo Akin

You're discorded, strife, and dissented, but you want to remain loyal to him, him whom you just dropped his call few minutes ago. To you he is your man, your love and everything,you wish he is always with you but the distance between you two is as far as 1000km. He schools at Uniabuja But you're in Covenant university  a school where 90% of student comes from a rich home. You are in the midst of well built,rich and handsome looking guys, sometimes you feel like being romantically cruised with them and have fun still you didn't because you don't want to cheat on him. Your urge got increased and you started having series of thoughts,you can picture him cheating on you where he is even though you're not sure and just while you are having all of these rational thinking's You met this guy this cute looking dude,tall and well formed, he's very funny and caring,you feel like you're in heaven every time he is around you, he takes you out very often. You already know where all of that would lead,but again you believe you're strong enough to resist yourself from him,strong enough to keep him as just friend and nothing more, strong enough to keep him with you all the time and not loving him one bit because you love your boyfriend alot and you ain't never going to cheat on him. Your thoughts were true and real he asked you out, you said NO, but partially you're emotionally attached to him and you can't afford losing him,(you can't have him and you also cant let go of him) you decided to explain to him that you're having a boyfriend he said Fine and you feel happy about it thinking he's very understanding. He asked to be your bestie and you gladly accept because you really like him
Your relationship is gradually fading out. You get into fight with your boyfriend over the phone almost every time he calls, you no longer call him either, the relationship is just like that but one thing is you still love him very much. this new guy is very kind he's always available when you need him and when u don't. anytime you go out with him you tell your boyfriend about it because it is harmless friendship,you feel he wouldn't be jealous, yes true he wasn't not until you tell him about going out with the guy too often than he wished to know about,feels like he's losing you so you no longer tell him anything when the new guy takes you out and the relationship is just getting worse and poor daily

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    On one of these outings the new guy kiss you, you told him never to try such again, when you get home you couldn't sleep you love the kiss, it was sweet but you hate the fact that you love it (body no be rock now)🤗 you re already attracted to him and anytime he's with you, you feel like having him all. He invites you to his apartment and you re both watching a romantic movie when you feel his hand wrapped around your shoulder ,he pulled you closer and look into your eye this time he has caught you completely you hold him and you both started kissing you want to stop and tell him you have a boyfriend but you're feeling the sensation and stopping him seems completely  impossible, before you could open your eye youre completely stripped off Sooner you allowed him slide through your honey pot which you swore to your boyfriend that only him will be allowed in. The sex was sweet and interesting you loved it because your boyfriend has created a urge in you  that needed to be filled.
      Not long after the incidence the new guy stopped being consistent, he's almost not available again, he stopped being funny gradually till he fade off your life and become one of your pasts. Just then you remember your boyfriend, you called him and told him how you really missed him and how you have been faithful to him despite his absence.
  Being in love doesn't stops anyone from cheating and distance relationship is a menace to true love.

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