Tuesday, 4 April 2017

HUNTED:by Pen Savagery

My senses are playing truancy on me
My whole system torments me daily
I close my eyes and those eyes of yours are staring back
Looking into this imagination and of time I lose track
I can swear I hear your whispers in the dark
But I know my mind is the trap
The silence in my head is loud with your words
Eyes like cobalt stare at me through the window
The voice in my head is so very hollow
I feel your breath upon my neck
The palm of your hand on my chest
I see red, the red of your blood
I shudder as you relay your thoughts
Yes you were betrayed,your trust
And they cut you deeply, you were hurt
Your shrill screams block my breath
I smell your blood but it's in my head
I hear the slashing of your tongue
And your soundless cry with your thoughts
I feel your blood in my hand
It hurts me like it has fangs
I see your eyes again,no expression in them
I feel your thoughts again, nothing comes from them
I hear your spirit, your body it leaves
But now it's come to me


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