Thursday, 13 April 2017


I have lived half of my undivided life wallowing and luxuriating in ignorance of Lagos being the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Practically I have been to almost all the cities revolving around the sod but I still haven't stumbled upon a beautiful city like Ikeja. I have couple of brother who studies at some universities in kwara state, every time they return home from holiday break, they expatiate and descant, fantasizing on how blisteringly beautiful the city of ilorin is. I'll sit quietly like a bullied child ,staring at their mouths as they uncloak the interesting characteristics of the city of which could convince anyone to live the rest of their life in ilorin. Poor me I got overwhelmed and I started thinking of traveling there, just to go have a look and see the beautiful city that could stand really sturdy, competing with the city of lagos. I had no way of persuading my parent as we have no family in the city I could pay visit, I know one day my dream shall come to pass.

I finally graduated from secondary school and the next thing was jamb,university and all, my parent wanted me to attend you unilag I'd have loved to attend unilag too of course, But it was like a big opportunity of fulfilling my dream , oh No mum I prefer Unilorin have you heard about the school ? They have retained unshakable and stable  academic stability calendar since the last 39 years!! How do you know? She asked me ? Haha I have seen it a couple of time in punch news paper and online as well? My mum is the hardest person in my life who seemed almost impossible and very difficult to induce, she wouldn't allow me uphold my decision so I have to prevail her much more, mum beside that they give out tablet to aid the studies of their students,you won't be lavishing your cash on handouts?, as you wish Son!!! . finally dream coming true!! I chose the school not because of the tablet or academic stability but just to fulfil my dream and and killed my anxiousness and curiosity of visiting the city. It was time for post-utme and all aspirant are to travel down to the campus for the exam definitely I'm going to travel as well. I packed few things and called my brothers to tell them I'd becoming to ilorin. I headed to park afterward and we set off from oshodi.

    Here we come the entrance of the city, I saw the tiled road illustriously beautified with Candescent asphalt appearing all black like the road in future new York I was so surprised,the car moving at extensive pace with so much comfort , its being 30minute since we entered the city I haven't stumbled on the next passenger beside me,there was no gallops or natural bumps, I looked through the window to have a glimpse of how beautiful the city sides are they were beyond my expectation,unlike Lagos where hold ups slows down the solace of travellers, there wasnt any till we got to the bus stop. We got to the bus stop and everyone highlighted including me , I saw a lot of sign board arranged at the inverse of the roadside, I stared at it for a while and I noticed that the image of the ex governor was twice the size of the current ? I was confused. which supposed to be bigger?I asked myself, like fashola barely appears on Ambode campaign postal infact he has never appeared not in any of those have seen before, Excuse me Sir? Who is the governor ? Saraki or mai gida the bike man answered me humbly "mai gida ni fa, ama  baba ni saraki"   of "course mai gida but saraki is the godfather" I was so amazed and wowed, imagining how respectful the citizen of the beautiful city of Ilorin are, to have accord more respect to their godfather than the state governor.

We got to challenge, the city center it was so beautiful, unlike Ikeja city that has a big vision coverage along roadside,which is basically use for products and movies advertisement, challenge is filled with shops and bridges, appearing even  final than third mainland's, this place is cute, indeed very beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I concluded. The governor house was like aso rock beautifully shining on white paint.the shop rite was a bomb (the best have ever seen so far) this city is great.

I got to my brother hostel a beautiful self contained apartment, painted in grey and harsh colors. It was like I'm home , I have stayed from 2pm and it was 8pm, I was expecting them have taken off the electricity but they didn't bro do you have stable light in here (ahhh oke odo? They don't take light in here even if they do it barely take an hour before bringing it back) wow indeed this place is beautiful. I wanted to call and browse with my phone ? A 4g network appeared!! Oh my God bro? You've got 4g LTE in here the browsing is damn way too fast (ah you'll enjoy your stay down here at oke  odo more like a small Paris in here) surprising!!! Very nice, I said to myself.

It was around 11pm my brother ask if I will follow him to school for night class,I nodded in agreement and we took off it was almost 11pm and I still see ladies moving about ? Aren't there bad boys in here? Don't they snatch purse in here or rape these girls ? He answered ? ( ahh oke odo ? No this place is very peaceful infact the city entirely ) unlike unilag campus area where bariga boys usually raid and rape the girls in the night ilorin is so Pacific I said in my mind again.

It was 11am in the morning ,I was waiting to see the sun rise but it didn't? Haha it dry season bro wouldn't there be sun? Its very cool in here kid bro we don't have scotching sun Unlike lag? Sun usually comes out before 9am I waited till 1pm and the sun was just like those of which rises sometimes after rainfall, so cool that anybody could walk about peacefully without any iota of discomfort innit.

I'm sorry to disappoint you
I'm sorry for being ironic
But it'd have been much finery and regalia only if all of these weren't opposite (IRONY)


  1. Lwkmd all na lie
    Opposite bro opposite

  2. Omo,d only tin u said dats waz tru is dats pple dey walk 4 night at oke-odo Bt all waz u said is a lie lie lie


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