Wednesday, 5 April 2017


was on my bed ,battling with my chemistry assignment while I heard a loud voice from a short distance close to my door,
she shouted ,Akin !!!! Akin!!! Akinn!! Tobi my roommate stood up angrily and went to the door step, he shouted what is wrong with you???? are you Ok?!! are you out of your mind!!.

at this point I couldn't hold it anylonger, i knew the kinda girl Nina is,she's my girlfriend and I know each and every of her character, the look on her face is horrible ,she might slap tobi,and I wouldn't want that to happen.I held her shoulder from the back,to prevent her from making stupid move toward my roommate,then I turned back saying,hey man!!!! just a minute , Tobi left the room angrily.

hey Nina what's wrong is everything alright?😒😒 you know ladies and their pretense attitude when they want something from guys na, she folded her two arms around my shoulder ,then she started sobbing ,hey bby talk to me, I knew she has a problem,I knew something was wrong, what is it? Nina!!

then she said she's in need of 30'000 naira to pay for her exam and buy some practical material ,fortunately my dad just sent my sch fee 100'000.Nina is that all ??  she said yes with a glamouring look all over her face.I opened my bag and brought out my atm card ,I took her to the bank and withdrawn 35,000 for her. she pecked my forehead and left.

three days later I saw Nina at Gimis BAR with a guy, romancing, rubbing and kissing each other ,my mind broke out and I said ,oh Nina you!!!!???so you' have been cheating on Me?,she gave me a little rat look like am nothing,right in my presence she continue kissing the guy ,then I said with tears is that how you gonna pay me back,to my utmost surprise Nina said

Can you imagine?, most girls are cheat,extract money from you and spend it on another nigga they are actually inlove with. That is what they do that is who they are. dont fall their prey before giving your money or anything out to them,ensure they are trust worthy.

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