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This is a platform of entertainment through luscious and gratifying stories, comics ,poems, fictions and other interesting articles , we exists for great storytelling. We're the primary curator, custodian, keeper and warden of stories not told, heard or celebrated.
Our mission at AKINOMOAKIN is “To transform the world through storytelling”. To achieve this, our website akinomoakin.com.ng shall be the primary curator and platform for storytelling, for better establishment of readers/writer and customer service we have enabled the
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We believe that storytelling answers a major call of humans to share that which is good and enduring. Good stories connect and inspire us and have the power to change the world. What better way to promote the good of man than to create a platform to express the beauty and simplicity of storytelling as an art form! It is our belief that individuals, brands, corporate organizations and the world at large can benefit greatly from this vision, and we are dedicated to continuously delivering value to our visitors, readers, writers, advertisers, our strategic partners and other key stakeholders.